Watch Out! You Might Get Hacked When Copy-Pasting Commands from Webpages

A new hacking method is standing out on the cyberthreat landscape. People who use to copy-paste commands from webpages into a console or terminals like programmers, sysadmins, security researchers, and people interested in tech subjects should pay attention as these might result in their system being compromised. This warning comes after a demonstration of a technologist about a trick that makes this copy-paste of commands action dangerous.

How You Can Get Hacked

Gabriel Friedlander is the founder of Wizer, a training platform focusing on security awareness.

He has recently demonstrated why it is dangerous to copy-paste commands from a webpage in a blog post he published. Here is how a hack can happen:

When web developers, either novice or skilled, copy commands from a webpage into their app, Windows command prompt or Linux terminal, which is a common practice, as a matter of fact, the danger lies in the fact that a webpage can secretly replace the content they intend to copy in their clipboard so they might eventually paste something malicious.

If the proper due diligence lacks, the identification of the mistake can be belated, as it might be discovered just after the text is already pasted.

In his

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