'We are building one of the most modern networks in the world'. How Vodafone Australia changed its 5G plans after the Huawei ban

At the start of August 2018, Vodafone Australia was running services from 2G to 4G on a network that relied heavily on Huawei.

Besides the core of its network, Huawei was everywhere else, and the telco relied on the Chinese vendor for its radio network and transmission network. Everything from a mobile device up to the data centre used a single vendor.

Given such reliance and the existing relationship, the telco intended to use Huawei when it began the move to offering 5G services.

All that changed by the end of that month, however, as the situation had become untenable in the face of a government ban on Huawei and ZTE for supplying 5G services in Australia. In its reasoning, Canberra said vendors who were subject to “extrajudicial directions from a foreign government” would conflict with local laws, and carriers might not be able to protect their networks properly.

For Vodafone Australia, that meant a rethink was needed.

“We definitely didn’t expect the ban to come the way that it came. For example, if you look at the situation that they have in Europe — like in the UK, for example, they use Huawei — they have like seven

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