Welcome to the CompTIA Community, Let's Talk

From helping MSPs increase their cybersecurity resilience to opening new doors for partnership and opportunities, there a number of new and enhanced benefits coming soon to CompTIA members, according to MJ Shoer, chief community officer.

The initiatives are all part of a larger strategy from CompTIA to build a global community that allows the organization to get closer to members, foster increased collaboration between members, and provide the tools and resources necessary to help make tech businesses more successful.

“Our mission is to help you, every person in this room, the entire tech industry, and the world,” Shoer said during a keynote session at CompTIA’s Communities & Councils Forum in Chicago. “We’re very grateful for this opportunity. We want to build the workforce of the 21st century—to make it easier for all of you to find qualified workers tomorrow and for a few years after tomorrow. We’re growing our global network of relevance and you are a critical part of that strategy.”

To that end, CompTIA detailed several new benefit and program enhancements to help achieve those goals. Here’s a look at several of them:

Free CompTIA ISAO Membership to all MSP Members

Cybersecurity is no longer optional for any solution provider or MSP—or

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