What Does a Virtual CISO Do, and When Should an Org Have One?

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Question: What does a virtual CISO do, and when should an org have one?

Aaron Boissonnault, Chief Information Security Officer at Navisite: Virtual CISO (vCISO) services give companies on-demand access to cybersecurity leadership, expertise and guidance. This enables companies to overcome the time-consuming and costly challenge of finding seasoned cybersecurity leadership and expertise to help them build a tailored security strategy; identify gaps in their security program; and put the right teams, tools and processes in place to reduce risk and support continuous improvement.

A good vCISO service should assess cybersecurity risks, develop a security roadmap, develop policies and procedures, help companies align with regulatory compliance and governance goals, and track performance of and continuously improve upon cybersecurity programs. And, a strong vCISO service not only comes with a named virtual CISO, but also with access to the entire cybersecurity team supporting them—all of whom are focused on securing your

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