What Is Data Loss Prevention and How You Can Approach DLP Security

The idea that knowledge is power is a timeless one. The concept first appeared in the Old Testament, predating our modern age by millennia. And yet, its core teaching couldn’t be more relevant in a digital age that sees thousands of data breaches per year. Cyberattackers are painfully aware of what access to confidential information can earn them, and they exploit this awareness constantly. This is why your company needs DLP security.

What Is Data Loss Prevention?

Data Loss Prevention aka DLP is a term that is used to describe a set of processes, policies, and technologies that are used to help prevent data from being lost by protecting, monitoring, and identifying data in motion, data in use, and data at rest. Data is considered to be lost when it is either disclosed to an unauthorized person or device or when it becomes inaccessible due to a system failure.

Data loss prevention can be achieved through encryption, data backup and recovery, policy enforcement, and other methods.

Data Loss Prevention vs. Data Leak Prevention

You might often find the phrases “data loss prevention: and “data leak prevention” interchanged. The main difference between the two is that DLP security allows businesses to

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