What Is Email Spoofing and How to Stay Protected

Email spoofing is a type of cyberattack in which a threat actor is sending emails with a fake sender address.

In email spoofing, attackers can make it seem like an email is sent by a familiar person such as a colleague, partner, or manager. Spoofing is the process of manipulating the from: field to create the impression that the email is coming from a certain individual.

Spoofers can sometimes create an email address that seems authentic by replacing just one or two letters in a company name, such as “Arnazon” instead of “Amazon,” or other letter switches that are difficult to notice.

Email spoofing is a tactic designed to collect private information and data from online users, take over their online accounts, deliver malware, or steal funds. According to some studies, targets tend to open an email that appears to be genuine and from a trustworthy sender.

Spoofed emails, for the most part, are either deleted or redirected to the spam folder. The problem starts the second a victim is tricked into opening an email and clicking on the malicious link that installs malware into their system.

Even though the majority of forged email messages are easy to spot and

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