What Is RMM Software?

RMM software (short for Remote Monitoring and Management Software) is a software type used by IT professionals and organizations to remotely manage and monitor networks and endpoints.

How Does RMM Software Work?

A service provider has to deploy the agent software on the client’s endpoints and servers to be able to connect the RMM software to the client’s systems. Next, the agent harvests information on machine health status and then transmits the data to the RMM’s dashboard, from which the MSP is able to monitor and control all the processes.

RMM software also includes a ticketing system: whenever the agent senses any endpoint or network issues, it produces a warning (or ticket) and delivers it to the MSP (managed service provider) to alert it of the issue. Therefore, it enables the service provider to choose how to proceed and address the problem, sorting the issues based on their severity.

This process helps the MSP gain access to a real-time overview of the customer’s network and keep devices up-to-date. In addition, MSPs can track and handle the problems proactively before they enter the equation as a major disaster and remotely address them, from any location in the world.

RMM software typically supports Windows,

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