What the Cybersecurity Landscape Looks Like in 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic shifted many enterprises into a new way of working, forcing a fast and swift implementation of new systems and policies to facilitate remote work. In the struggle to adjust and ensure smooth operations, many long-simmering cybersecurity risks and issues have come to the forefront. Our 2021 Security Predictions’ report discusses the security challenges brought about by the new workplace environments, migration to cloud applications, and plausible threats that should be anticipated by your organization.

What will the cybersecurity landscape look like in 2021?

It is no surprise that the predictions for 2021 are all influenced by the current pandemic. In knowing the possibilities of what the future holds, you can better empower your enterprise to create an effective and comprehensive security strategy that can withstand change and disruption. So, let’s dive into where our security experts believe you may need to adjust.

Home offices will be the new criminal hub. Work is now done through home internet service providers over possibly unpatched routers and machines. We predict that cybercriminals will be selling access to hacked routers, giving threat actors an avenue into home networks, which will become the launch point to gain a foothold into corporate networks.

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