What’s New at OffSec – May 2021

Discord Server Server Statistics

It’s been nearly a month since we’ve migrated the community from our Rocket.chat self-hosted platform to Discord

Before Rocket.chat closed, we had roughly 8200 users with 200 concurrent online users at any point in time. Since we’ve migrated to Discord, we have already surpassed those numbers in just a month. As of the end of May , there are 10,597 registered users, with an average of 2800 online concurrent users. Both numbers are growing daily!

We’re going to be doing a giveaway in the near for the community. This is something we want to do as a way for to give back to all of you for being amazing! Please stay tuned to our and Discord announcements channel.

Role Verification

We launched Discord with the validation of student status and certifications acquired as a manual process. The only automated process we had in place was to validate your Proving Grounds Practice

To create a better user experience, we’re in the process of expanding our automated validation

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