What’s New for April 2021

We’ve decided to try a new, “What’s New at OffSec” blog post series to share Offsec and cybersecurity industry-related news, interesting happenings, topics, thoughts and more. Admittedly inspired by Bungie’s excellent, “This Week at Bungie” series where they share new content, artwork, videos, music and more, we realized that many of you in the Offsec community have been asking us for something similar for years — so it’s high time! We obviously won’t be sharing everything as some things such as specifics about unreleased products and courses are confidential until release. However, we will do our best to share as much as possible, and certainly more than we have in the past!

We will be on the hunt for exciting work that our community creates so we can share it with all of you. This can be anything from creating useful scripts for Kali, a repository for one of our courses, or even just something cool you’ve learned from one of them. If you have suggestions, news or ideas that you think might be good for us to consider sharing, please email us anytime at: community @ offensive-security.com.

Migration to Discord

Offsec is now officially on Discord! We have

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