What’s with the shared VBA code between Transparent Tribe and other threat actors?

By Vanja Svajcer and Vitor Ventura.

Recently, we’ve been researching several threat actors operating in South Asia: Transparent Tribe, SideCopy, etc., that deploy a range of remote access trojans (RATs). After a hunting session in our malware sample repositories and VirusTotal while looking into these actors, we gathered a small collection of VBA code samples that eventually allowed us to connect certain IOCs to individual threat actors based on the final payload, victimology and submission locations. For example, if the final payload was a CrimsonRAT or ObliqueRAT sample, we would attribute the VBA code to the Transparent Tribe group.

We then created specific rules to hunt for earlier Transparent Tribe related malicious documents and found several samples attributed to the group. Interestingly, we also found a smaller subset of samples that could not be immediately attributed to the Transparent Tribe. We decided to dig a bit deeper into the anomaly and conducted additional analysis of the VBA code and payload, which could not be easily attributed to any known group.

Initial assertions on the origins of the samples we were researching.
When these samples were first discovered, security researchers attributed them to either the Sidewinder or

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