White House joins OpenSSF and the Linux Foundation in securing open-source software

Securing the open-source software supply chain is a huge deal. Last year, the Biden administration issued an executive order to improve software supply chain security. This came after the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack shut down gas and oil deliveries throughout the southeast and the SolarWinds software supply chain attack. Securing software became a top priority. In response, The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) and Linux Foundation rose to this security challenge. Now, they’re calling for $150 million in funding over two years to fix ten major open-source security problems.

Open Source

They’ll need every penny of it and more.

The government will not be paying the freight for these changes. $30 million has already been pledged by Amazon, Ericsson, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and VMWare. More is already on the way. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has already pledged an additional $10 million

At the White House press conference, OpenSSF general manager Brian Behlendorf said, “I want to be clear: We’re not here to fundraise from the government. We did not anticipate needing to go directly to the government to get funding for anyone to be successful.”

Here are the ten goals the

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