Why Businesses Need To Go Lean With Cybersecurity

As hackers get smarter than ever, cybersecurity becomes a key concern for businesses. Attackers have ways to break into even the most secure and sophisticated systems, therefore you cannot ignore the threat.

The pandemic-induced remote work has made the situation even worse. Networks are at risk, and employees are likely to compromise corporate data as they work remotely.

Remote workers may open security risks accidentally or unintentionally, but employers have a lot to lose. Undoubtedly, cybersecurity investment is essential for organizations, regardless of their size, scale, and domain.

While you cannot imagine survival without proper security measures and controls in place, implementing them is a challenge. Consider the cost [PDF], time, and complexity involved, and you will find it daunting.

Moreover, you cannot be too sure about your strategies because hackers are always a step ahead. It makes sense to take a new approach that ensures the best protection with minimal investment.

The lean methodology can serve as an ideal solution. Let us explain why businesses need to go lean with cybersecurity.

Devastating attacks are easier to launch

Before highlighting the value of going lean, it is crucial to understand the significance of rethinking cybersecurity.

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