Why organizations need to prepare themselves for BEC attacks

Organizations face a number of different attacks across a variety of vectors, which is often why it’s so difficult for leaders to effectively secure their environment. Many attacks are carried out by malicious hackers and bad actors with a number of different priorities. They may be targeting your organization to steal your data, impact your reputation, or just to use you as a platform for reaching another high-value target.

Hackers may also seek financial gain — this is partly why ransomware has become so ubiquitous and prevalent. However, another common attack that directly impacts a company’s bottom line is a business email compromise (BEC) attack.

In this article, we want to show you what a BEC attack is, who’s at risk, and how you can combat it.

What is a BEC?

A business email compromise (or BEC) is an email-based stack where a hacker looks to steal funds from a victim by sending a fraudulent email. The email often contains a fake invoice or impersonates a high-level individual in order to push the email recipient to transfer funds without obtaining further approval.

While BEC attacks are fairly low-tech, (some BEC attacks are carried out in the form of fraudulent gift

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