Why SecOps Need A Cybersecurity Platform

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Why SecOps Need A Platform

Our global study polled more than 2,300 IT decision makers to discover best assist and support SecOps teams so you can be more resilient.

By: July 02, Read time:  ( words)

SecOps teams are finding themselves in a losing battle without the proper security tooling. Recent Trend Micro global found that most SecOps teams feel overwhelmed or lack confidence in their ability to prioritize and respond to alerts. Discover the impact of poor tooling and why a platform approach is necessary in our global study: Security Operations on the Backfoot.

Trend Micro Research recently conducted a global study polling more than 2,300 IT security decision makers from 21 countries to determine the reality of SecOps and narrow-in on solving current challenges. The study revealed that SecOps teams are suffering from high levels of stress outside of the working day due to alert overload.

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