Why the Next-Generation of Application Security Is Needed

New software and code stand at the core of everything we do, but how well is all of this new code tested? Luckily, autonomous application security is here.

By David Brumley

Software is revolutionizing the way the world operates. From driverless cars to cryptocurrency, software reimagines possibilities. With software standing at the core of everything we do, we find ourselves pushing out code faster than ever. Current estimates show that there are more than 111 billion lines of new code written per year. And our fixation on rapidly developing the latest technology has positioned application security to be in the way, and as coming at a “cost.”

As we continue to accumulate security debt and struggle to solve the cybersecurity workforce shortage, it becomes clear that we’re living on borrowed security time.

The point is not to dwell on our deficits in software security, but to highlight that we have to think bigger if we want to solve this critical cybersecurity problem. Manually eliminating 20, 50, 100 false positives from the backlog of 10,000 bug reports — reports that are only increasing by multiples on a daily basis — isn’t going to move the

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