Wind Turbine Giant Offline After Cyber Incident

Wind Turbine Giant Offline After Cyber Incident

The world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines was forced to shut down IT systems across several locations over the weekend after a cybersecurity incident.

In a brief notice on Saturday, Vestas Wind Systems claimed the attack struck the day before, with IT services in multiple business units affected.

At the time, the Danish firm said that customers, employees and other stakeholders could be affected by the incident, and that it was working with internal and external partners to contain and recover.

An update on Monday morning warned that data had been compromised.

“However, there is no indication that the incident has impacted third party operations, including customer and supply chain operations,” it added.

“Vestas’s manufacturing, construction and service teams have been able to continue operations, although several operational IT systems have been shut down as a precaution. Vestas has already initiated a gradual and controlled reopening of all IT systems.”

Although not confirmed by Vestas, a ransomware attack would appear to be the front-runner in terms of likely cause. The turbine giant reported revenues of nearly €15bn in 2020, making it a potentially lucrative target.

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