Your Biometric Data in Danger of Being Exploited by Hackers

Biometric information helps people access systems and secure devices more easily. However, it might become a target for threat actors. According to a new report, hackers start to become aware of the value of this kind of info like iris scans, fingerprint authentication, or facial recognition and might begin to exploit it.

How Hackers Can Compromise Your Biometric Data

Experts from Intel471 have recently released a report explaining three ways in which hackers could exploit your biometric information. Here are they:

The Risk Posed by Documentation Fraud

Researchers underline that what can threat actors do with the biometric data they steal is to perform documents forging for several purposes like illegal immigration, obtaining a loan, property fraud, or claiming financial benefits.

In this sense, the experts depicted in the report a 2020 incident when two threat actors of Iranian origin intended to sell biometric papers linked to several countries among which they mentioned the United States, South Korea, Sudan, Spain, and Ukraine.

One actor advertised a package of 76,000 national codes and biometric national cards, including but not limited to drivers’ licenses, identification cards, passports, personal badges and student identification cards. The documents had a wide array of origin: Brazil,

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