A Guide to Using VPNs on Your Smartphone 

A VPN these days is a must as we know it. The recent growth of VPN use has been pronounced across the globe, particularly in developed economies in the UK and the US.

On these shores, some 44% of UK Internet users (62.86 million people as of December 2021) have used a VPN at some point when online, while 41% of Brits use this type of private network at least once a week.

It’s also clear that VPN use is particularly popular among younger people and smartphone users, with 52% of VPN customers utilizing an iOS device to browse securely online. With this in mind, we’ve created a detailed guide to help you use VPNs effectively on your smartphone (regardless of your chosen operating system).

First Up – What is a VPN?

A VPN describes a virtual private network that can be securely opened within a public network connection, enabling users to send, receive and access content with true anonymity and peace of mind.

But how exactly does a VPN work? 

Well, it effectively creates a virtual encrypted tunnel between two servers, presenting any data sent from a protected device as a random and completely indecipherable string of code.

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