How Data Landlords Put Their Tenants at Risk

Microsoft is a global leader in cloud storage and data protection. They prove that even the most respected cloud databases offer weak security.

Today’s microservice architecture is highly dependent on the fluid and interconnected transference of data. SQL is a coding language perfect for storing data in relational databases, rapidly and securely supplying data when asked. It’s also a highly reliable coding language, capable of maintaining the integrity of databases over the globe.

Unfortunately, the constant pressure to iterate and produce has forced many developers to rely on third-party platforms; cloud providers have also started over-optimizing, cramming multiple customers together on one cloud instance. This has opened up brand new attack surfaces within cloud data protection, as unknown and untrusted companies must rely only on thin walls of protection.

The Importance of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open-source library for SQL, with a specific focus on stability, high availability, and scalability. Developed over 30 years ago, the database has the goal of streamlining and cleaning community-developed code. This is then published and re-usable with or without a commercial license. 

This SQL code makes use of cloud-stored data; it only makes sense to store the code itself also on

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