Cyberattacks Rage in Ukraine, Support Military Operations

At least five APTs are believed involved with attacks tied ground campaigns and designed to damage Ukraine’s digital infrastructure.

Cyberattacks against Ukraine have been used strategically to support ground campaigns, with five state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) groups behind attacks that began in February. According to research published by Microsoft on Wednesday, the APTs involved in the campaigns are state-sponsored by Russia.

Separate reports published this week also shed new light on the wave of cyberattacks against Ukrainian digital assets by APTs with ties to Russia.

Microsoft researchers believe six separate Russia-aligned threat actors carried out 237 cyber operations that resulted in threats to civilian welfare and attempted to carry out dozens of cyberespionage attacks against Ukrainian targets.

Moreover, Russia is believed to be using cyberattacks in a type of “hybrid war”, according to a blog post by Tom Burt, corporate vice president of Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft. That correlates  “with its kinetic military operations targeting services and institutions crucial for civilians,” he said.

“The attacks have not only degraded the systems of institutions in Ukraine but have also sought to disrupt people’s access to reliable information and critical life services on which civilians

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