DragonForce Gang Unleash Hacks Against Govt. of India

In response to a comment about the Prophet Mohammed, a hacktivist group in Malaysia has unleashed a wave of cyber attacks in India.

According to a new advisory from Radware, a hacktivist group called DragonForce Malaysia, “with the assistance of several other threat groups, has begun indiscriminately scanning, defacing and launching denial-of-service attacks against numerous websites in India.” In addition to DDoS, their targeted campaign – dubbed “OpsPatuk” – involves advanced threat actors “leveraging current exploits, breaching networks and leaking data.”

DragonForce Malaysia – best known for their hacktivism in support of the Palestinian cause – have turned their attention on India this time, in response to a controversial comment made by a Hindu political spokesperson about the Prophet Mohammed.

According to the advisory, OpsPatuk remains ongoing today.

The Casus Belli

In a televised debate last month, Nupur Sharma – a spokesperson for the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – made controversial remarks regarding the age of the Prophet Mohammed’s third wife, Aisha. Widespread outrage followed, involving statements from leaders in the Muslim world, widespread protests, and the outsting of Sharma herself from BJP.

Then, beginning on June 10, DragonForce Malaysia entered the fray. Their new

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