Hundreds of Twitter accounts aimed to suppress vote weeks before Honduran presidential election

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Nov 10, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP

Hundreds of fake Twitter accounts targeted opposition candidates and urged citizens not to vote in an upcoming Honduran presidential election, according to research published Wednesday.

The 317 accounts appear to be part of an effort to influence the Nov. 28 Honduran presidential election by denigrating two of opposition candidates running against the incumbent National Party of Honduras’ candidate, Nasry Asfura, according to Nisos, the threat intelligence firm that published its findings Wednesday. The network of profiles in some cases used authentic photos from Peruvian Facebook accounts in an attempt to aid legitimacy, some cases apparently using computer-generated images as avatars.

Twitter removed the accounts in November upon learning of the inauthentic behavior observed by Nisos. The company did not respond to questions prior to press time.

The influence operation would be just the latest example of coordinated inauthentic political messaging on social media in Honduras and its regional neighbors. A disinformation campaign run by a prominent Latin American public relations firm used a network of websites and Facebook pages made to look like legitimate news organizations, according to an investigation by the news outlet Rest of World. In one case,

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