Russia Issues Its Own TLS Certs

The country’s citizens are being blocked from the internet because foreign certificate authorities can’t accept payments due to Ukraine-related sanctions, so it created its own CA.

Russia is offering its own trusted Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate authority (CA) to replace certificates that need to be renewed by foreign countries. As it is, a pile of sanctions imposed in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is gumming up its citizen’s access to websites.

As it is, Russian sites are stuck, unable to renew their certs because sanctions keep signing authorities in many countries unable to accept payments from Russia, according to BleepingComputer.

TLS – more commonly known as SSL, or TLS/SSL – is a cryptographic protocol that secures the internet by encrypting data sent between your browser, the websites you visit and the website’s server. The certificates keep data transmission private and prevent modification, loss or theft, as digicert explains.

How TLS certificates work. Source: Digicert.

According to a notice on Russia’s public service portal, Gosuslugi, as shown in a translated version in this article’s featured art, the certificates will replace foreign security certs if they expire or get

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