University Hacker Sent to Prison

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University Hacker Sent to Prison

A student who hacked into a British university’s computer network and made thousands of dollars by selling the answers to exams has been sentenced to prison.

Hayder Aljayyash, who is 29 and was born in Iraq, was welcomed into the UK as an asylum seeker. Between November 2017 and May 2019, Aljayyash illegally accessed the computer system of the University of South Wales where he had been studying for a master’s degree in embedded system design. 

Cardiff Crown Court heard that Aljayyash had used “very sophisticated” cyber-criminal techniques to hide his digital intrusion for 18 months. 

Suspicions that a data breach had occurred at the university were aroused when mathematics lecturer Liam Harris discovered a number of students had answered exam questions with identical answers. Five of the students even gave answers that contained the same typing mistakes included in the original working papers. 

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