6 Cyber-Defense Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Company

Ransomware is getting worse, but Daniel Spicer, chief security officer at Ivanti, offers a checklist for choosing defense solutions to meet the challenge.

The headlines feel like Groundhog Day, if each of Bill Murray’s repeated days grew increasingly threatening:

Ransomware attacks rise again.
Ransomware attacks up over last quarter.
Ransomware attacks tower over previous year.

You get the idea. And yet again, a new report from Ivanti sends a clear warning: It’s still getting worse. The Ransomware Spotlight Year-End Report identified 32 new ransomware families in 2021, bringing the total to 157 and representing a 26 percent increase over the previous year. These ransomware families are exploiting a total of 288 vulnerabilities – a 29 percent increase over the previous year. The report was conducted in partnership between Ivanti, Cyber Security Works and Cyware, and based on proprietary data, publicly available threat databases, and threat researchers and penetration-testing teams.

The report found that these ransomware groups are continuing to target unpatched vulnerabilities and weaponize zero-day vulnerabilities in record time to instigate crippling attacks. At the same time, threat actors are broadening their attack spheres and finding newer ways to compromise organizational networks and fearlessly trigger high-impact assaults.

And according to

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