9.3M+ Androids Running ‘Malicious’ Games from Huawei AppGallery

A new trojan called Android.Cynos.7.origin, designed to collect Android users’ device data and phone numbers, was found in 190 games installed on over 9M Android devices.

Why would a game about a cat’s “cute diary” need permission to make phone calls or suss out your location?

It doesn’t: “Cat cute diary” is one of 190 trojanized games that Doctor Web malware analysts have found on AppGallery, the official app store for Huawei Android.

They’re littering the Android landscape. In a report published on Tuesday, Doctor Web estimated that more than 9,300,000 Android device owners have installed the dangerous games.

According to researchers, the main purpose of the slew of malware-laced apps – which includes loads of kid-enticing entries, including games, simulators, platformers, arcades, strategies and shooters – isn’t to satisfy users’ cute-kitty and shoot-the-bad-guys lust.

Rather, they’re rigged with a new Android trojan, tracked by the analysts as Android.Cynos.7.origin, the main purpose of which is to lap up users’ phone numbers and device data and to make money by milking the data to inflict ads, according researchers.

Fun and Games and Data Exfiltration

Doctor Web provided a few examples of the trojan-containing games, some of

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