Avast Finds Compromised Philippine Navy Certificate Used in Remote Access Tool

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Avast Threat Intelligence Team has found a remote access tool (RAT) actively being used in the wild in the Philippines that uses what appears to be a compromised digital certificate belonging to the Philippine Navy. This certificate is now expired but we see evidence it was in use with this malware in June 2020.  

Based on our research, we believe with a high level of confidence that the threat actor had access to the private key belonging to the certificate.

We got in touch with CERT-PH, the National Computer Emergency Response Team for the Philippines to help us contact the navy. We have shared with them our findings. The navy security team later let us know that the incident has been resolved and no further assistance was necessary from our side.

Because this is being used in active attacks now, we are releasing our findings immediately so organizations can take steps to better protect themselves. We have found that this sample is now available on VirusTotal.

Compromised Expired Philippine Navy Digital Certificate

In our analysis we found the sample connects to dost[.]igov-service[.]net:8443 using TLS in a statically linked OpenSSL library.

A WHOIS lookup on the C&C domain gave us the

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