BotenaGo botnet malware targeting millions of IoT devices

The malware is currently targeting Linux-embedded routers and IoT devices through botnets.

The IT security researchers at AT&T Alien Labs have tracked down malware utilizing over 30 different exploits to compromise routers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

According to their analysis, the malware is an early beta version linked with the infamous Mirai botnet. They opined that this malware is difficult to detect and can exploit millions of internet-connected devices.

BotenaGo’ Open-Source Malware Targeting Routers, IoT Devices

Shodan search result for potential targets for specific functions (Image: AT&T Alien Labs)

Why is it called BotenaGo?

AlienLabs’ security researchers named the malware BotenaGo because it is written in the Go (Google’s Golang) open-source programming language. It targets Linux-embedded routers and IoT devices through botnets.

Researchers mentioned that, as per Intezer’s analysis, there had been a 2,000% rise in the use of the Go programming language for creating malware in recent years. According to AlienLabs’ security researcher Ofer Caspi, the malware creates a backdoor and then waits until it receives a target from a remote operator to attack.

How Does it Attack?

When the malware receives a command from a remote operator,

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