Brand Protection is Essential for Cybersecurity

Is brand protection so important? Yes. Very much! 

According to a 2020 study, 70% of customers believe that brand trust is more important now than ever, and 53% make their purchase decisions based on their trust in the brand. Anything that affects the brand’s trust and credibility is damaging. So, proactive brand protection is a business imperative. 

This article delves into how brand protection and cybersecurity are important to one another and ways to strengthen brand protection

What is Brand Protection? Why is it Essential to Cybersecurity? 

As the name suggests, brand protection is the method/ way of securing the brand and everything associated with it, such as sensitive data, intellectual property, logo, etc., to keep the brand value, trust, and credibility intact. It includes a set of security strategies that effectively and continuously shield the brand and associated assets from threats, such as counterfeiting, fraud, impersonation, pirating, etc. 

Brand Protection and Cybersecurity

When cybercriminals impersonate a brand, plagiarize brand content, engage in counterfeiting products, or create fake websites, it reflects poorly on the brand. It causes irrevocable brand image erosion, reputational damage and financial losses, and legal costs as the trust in the brand is broken. This is why

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