BRATA Android malware factory resets phones after stealing funds

The new variant of BRATA malware is also capable of GPS tracking and keylogging.

A malware that was originally identified in 2019 has surfaced once again and this time it is equipped with additional features that can wipe out data from Android devices.

Dubbed BRATA (Brazilian Remote Access Tool, Android) by researchers; the new variant of the malware is capable of performing a factory reset on the targeted device. This leads to a complete wipeout of data without the victim’s permission or knowledge.

Stealing money and GPS tracking

According to the IT security researchers at Milan, Italy-based fraud-management firm Cleafy, upon infection, the malware aims at stealing money from the victim’s bank account through apps installed on the device.

If successful, it performs a factory reset to divert the victim’s attention. However, the victim ends up losing all the data on the phone. Cleafy also noted that BRATA’s new variant performs GPA tracking and keylogging. This means the threat actors behind this malware can not only track the victim’s location but also harvest data based on their activity on the infected device.

The researchers discovered the new BRATA campaign in November 2021 and noted the list of targeted

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