Chasing Chaes Kill Chain

Avast - 


Chaes is a banking trojan that operates solely in Brazil and was first reported in November 2020 by Cybereason. In Q4 2021, Avast observed an increase in Chaes’ activities, with infection attempts detected from more than 66,605 of our Brazilian customers. In our investigation, we found the malware is distributed through many compromised websites, including highly credible sites. Overall, Avast has found Chaes’ artifacts in 800+ websites. More than 700 of them contain Brazilian TLDs. All compromised websites are WordPress sites, which leads us to speculate that the attack vector could be exploitation of vulnerabilities in WordPress CMS. However, we are unable to perform forensics to confirm this theory. We immediately shared our findings with the Brazilian CERT (BR Cert) with the hope of preventing Chaes from spreading. By the time of this publication, Chaes’ artifacts still remain on some of the websites we observed.

Chaes is characterized by the multiple-stage delivery that utilizes scripting frameworks such as JScript, Python, and NodeJS, binaries written in Delphi, and malicious Google Chrome extensions. The ultimate goal of Chaes is to steal credentials stored in Chrome and intercept logins of popular banking websites in Brazil.

In this posting, we present the results

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