Creaky Old WannaCry, GandCrab Top the Ransomware Scene

Nothing like zombie campaigns: WannaCry’s old as dirt, and GandCrab threw in the towel years ago. They’re on auto-pilot at this point, researchers say.

What’s old in ransomware is new again. Or, more accurately, never really went away.

New analysis shows that for a years-old malware, WannaCry is still a viciously active pest. The self-propagating ransomware cryptoworm that’s been parasitizing victims since 2017 was the top most detected ransomware family by far in January 2022, researchers found.

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Out of 10.5 million malware detections from Jan. 1 – 30, WannaCry showed up in 43 percent, as shown in the chart below.

The runner-up at No. 2 was GandCrab, which showed up in 13 percent of detections, in spite of the ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) gang having hung up its spurs way back in 2019 (though the gang resurfaced with REvil malware months later).

What’s up with zombie ransomwares, still pumping out infection attempts years after they (supposedly) said sayonara? It’s attributable to “automatic campaigns that were never turned off,” Bitdefender said.

These are ransomware detections, mind you, as opposed to infections. As well,

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