Cyber-Mercenary Group Void Balaur Attacks High-Profile Targets for Cash

A Russian-language threat group is available for hire, to steal data on journalists, political leaders, activists and from organizations in every sector.

Russian-language group Void Balaur, also tracked under the name Rockethack, has been identified as a prolific cyber-merecenary group, available for hire to break into the email and social-media accounts of high-profile, high-stakes targets around the world.

After monitoring Void Balaur for more than a year, Trend Micro has released a report that identified more than 3,500 of the group’s targets. Amnesty International has likewise identified cyberattacks on activists and journalists working in Uzbekistan that were carried out by the cybermercenary service.

“Our research revealed a clear picture: Void Balaur goes after the most private and personal data of businesses and individuals then sells that data to whomever wants to pay for it,” the Trend Micro report said.

For a premium fee, the group can often provide total copies of mailboxes, stolen without the assistance of the targeted user, Trend Micro reported.

Void Balaur Gets Raves In Underground Forums  

Enterprising, and forever collecting troves of data that could be sold later, Void Balaur’s activities date back to 2015, Trend Micro analysts said. By 2019, the

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