‘Elephant Beetle’ Lurks for Months in Networks

The group blends into an environment before loading up trivial, thickly stacked, fraudulent financial transactions too tiny to be noticed but adding up to millions of dollars.

Researchers have identified a threat group that’s been quietly siphoning off millions of dollars from financial- and commerce-sector companies, spending months patiently studying their targets’ financial systems and slipping in fraudulent transactions amongst regular activity.

The Sygnia Incident Response team has been tracking the group, which it named Elephant Beetle, aka TG2003, for two years.

In a Wednesday report, the researchers called Elephant Beetle’s attack relentless, as the group has hidden “in plain sight” without the need to develop exploits.

Maybe Elephant Beetle doesn’t have exploits, but the attackers certainly don’t show up empty-handed. They rely on an arsenal of more than 80 unique tools and scripts to operate undetected “for vast amounts of time” as they patiently plant their bogus transactions, Sygnia said, “blending in with the target’s environment and going completely undetected while it quietly liberates organizations of exorbitant amounts of money.”

Elephant Beetle primarily focuses its attention on the Latin American market, but it doesn’t spare organizations that aren’t based there. Sygnia’s IR team recently

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