Fake KPSPico Windows activator tool KPSPico steals crypto wallet data

The malware is dubbed CrypBot is essentially an information stealer that can obtain credentials for cryptocurrency wallets, browsers, credit cards, browser cookies, and capture screenshots from compromised devices.

Cybersecurity solutions provider Red Canary revealed in its recent blog post that a malicious KMSPico installer is carrying malware that can steal user information from cryptocurrency wallets, apart from other information.

What is KMSPico?

KMSPico is an unofficial MS Windows and Office tool used to illegally activate the full features of pirated software, such as MS Office, without paying for the license key. Therefore, the tool emulates Microsoft’s Key Management Services activation to circumvent the Windows license.

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According to Red Canary, KMSPico isn’t only used by individuals to activate Windows software fraudulently, but numerous IT departments also use this tool. The consequences of using a malicious KMSPico could be drastic for organizations.

Researchers noted that many sites claiming to be official KMSPico creators are active on the web, so it is effortless for anyone to be trapped and download a malicious KMSPico.

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