FBI – Malicious QR codes stealing login and financial data

The FBI has issued an alert urging users to refrain from scanning anonymous QR codes as cybercriminals are using these QR codes to steal login credentials, financial information, and funds.

Since the dawn of the Coronavirus era, Quick Response or QR codes have become more popular since businesses use them more than ever. However, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), scammers exploit QR codes to lure victims into giving away their confidential data.

FBI issues warning regarding QR codes

In an alert issued by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the department has warned about malicious QR codes that reroute customers to unwanted, infected websites. Their objective is to steal customers’ data by embedding malware to access their devices and redirect payment to use in cybercrime.

The warnings came just a week after the agency warned businesses and unsuspected users of cybercriminals mailing malicious USD drives to infect their systems with ransomware.

Details of the Scam

According to the FBI, the scam involves using modified QR codes either on a printed page or a screen. When a victim scans for the code, thinking it to be legit, the tampered code directs victims to a “malicious

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