Flubot Malware Targets Androids With Fake Security Updates

The banking trojan keeps switching up its lies, trying to fool Android users into clicking on a fake Flubot-deleting app or supposedly uploaded photos of recipients.

The Flubot banking trojan is using a fake security warning to try to trick Android users into thinking that they’ve already been infected … with Flubot.

It’s a lie, but it will become a reality if recipients of the text message fall for it and click on the “install security update” button.

“Android has detected that your device has been infected,” the message reads, along with instructions on how to install a security update that will purportedly scrub off the malware.

On Friday morning, New Zealand’s computer emergency response team (CERT NZ) warned that clicking to “install security update” will actually trigger the Flubot infection.

If you are seeing this page, it does not mean you are infected with Flubot however if you follow the false instructions from this page, it WILL infect your device. https://t.co/KrcPhCQB90

— CERT NZ (@CERTNZ) September 30, 2021

Fast-Changing Text Messages

In an advisory published Friday morning, CERT NZ warned that Flubot malware is spreading via text messages on

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