Fronton IOT Botnet Packs Disinformation Punch

Fronton botnet has far more ability than launching DDOS attack, can track social media trends and launch suitable propaganda.

A fresh look at the Fronton DDoS-focused botnet reveals the criminal tool has more capabilities than previously known.

The Fronton botnet first made the headline in March 2020. That is when, according to news reports, a hacktivist group called Digital Revolution said it obtained documents claiming to be from 0day Technologies, allegedly a contractor for Russia’s Federal Security Service.

Now the cybersecurity firm Nisos is reporting the Fronton malware goes beyond delivering DDoS attacks and can be used to create massive numbers of social media accounts that can then be used to shape opinion via social media manipulation.

After further analysis of the documents related to Fronton, the Nisos researcher assert that DDoS “is only one of the many capabilities of the system… Nisos analyzed the data and determined that Fronton is a system developed for coordinated inauthentic behavior on a massive scale,” Nisos added.

Working of Fronton

Fronton, researchers say, doubles as a backend infrastructure for the social media disinformation. The malware uses an army of compromised IOT devices to carry out both DDoS attacks and disinformation

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