GriftHorse Android malware hit 10 millions devices in 70 countries

GriftHorse malware uses malicious apps to subscribe victims to premium services that cost them $42 (£30 –€36) per month.

The IT security researchers at Zimperium Labs have reported an Android malware campaign affecting devices around the world to carry out financial scams and steal user data.

According to researchers, nearly 10 million devices across 70 countries were affected by their newly discovered ‘aggressive’ campaign.

The researchers noted that cyber criminals used malicious Android applications to trap their victims. These apps request the victim to subscribe to premium services that cost €36 (£30 – $42) per month.

The campaign was detected after Zimperium’s z9 on-device malware detection engine alerted about it.

Zimperium researchers Nipun Gupta and Aazim Yaswant stated that this is a typical global premium service scam where hackers lure victims through phishing techniques so that they download malicious Android apps, which act as trojans.

About GriftHorse Malicious Trojan

The company reported that threat actors behind this campaign are using a new trojan called GriftHorse. This scheme has been under active development since November 2020 and has claimed victims across the globe including in:

India China Brazil Spain Russia Canada Australia United States

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