Groove Calls for Cyberattacks on US as REvil Payback

The bold move signals a looming clash between Russian ransomware groups and the U.S.

Following the recent international law enforcement effort that dismantled the infrastructure for the REvil ransomware group, fellow cybercrime group Groove called for revenge — encouraging the wider cyber extortionist community to band together to target U.S. interests.

At a time when the U.S. is leading the international law enforcement effort to make splashy busts and shows of force against cybercriminals, this seems like a bold bet by Groove. But they have a plan.

BleepingComputer published a translation of the Russian blog post from Groove, filled with chest-thumping threats against the “US public sector, show this old man who is the boss here who is the boss and who will be on the Internet.”

The language gets vaguely military in tone from there.

“While our boys were dying on honeypots, the nets from rude aibi squeezed their own… but he was rewarded with higher and now he will go to jail for treason, so let’s help our state fight against such ghouls as cybersecurity firms that are sold to amers, like US government agencies,” Groove’s post read.

The threat letter goes on to

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