Hamas Hackers Posing as Women to Con Snr Israeli Officials into Installing Malware

A Middle Eastern hacking group supposedly connected to Hamas uses malware to steal sensitive data from Windows and Android devices of high-ranking Israeli officials.

Sophisticated Catfish Campaign Targeting Israeli Officials

Cybereason’s Nocturnus researcher team has reported a new malware campaign where Israeli government officials are targeted with catfishing lures. Apparently, the Hamas-linked Advanced Persistent Threat group/APT-C-23 is engaged in a sophisticated catfishing campaign specifically targeting high-ranking Israeli officials. The group is also known as Arid Viper, Desert Falcon, and FrozenCell.

One of the fake Facebook profiles used by hackers to trick Israeli government officials (Image credit: Cybereason) Israeli Officials Keep Getting Catfished

It is worth noting that APT-C-23 has a history of successfully catfishing Israeli military and government officials. The group’s campaign goes all the way back to 2015 when Trend Micro revealed that “Arid Viper” successfully targeted Israeli officials with ‘Porn Star Video’ malware.

In 2015 again, an independent security research firm, Blue Coat Systems Inc. (Blue Coat), confirmed that “Desert Falcons” successfully carried out a four-month spying campaign after breaching Israeli military servers. In their campaign, the group also used sensual photos of IDF’s women division to lure officials.

In 2017, Israeli authorities acknowledged that Hamas hacked dozens

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