Minecraft declared the most malware-infected game

According to new research by Atlas VPN, Minecraft related malware infected 44,335 devices while Kaspersky antivirus software detected 300,000 malware cases.

Malware strains have gradually become the leading cause of infection targeting millions of devices worldwide annually. A new report from Atlas VPN revealed that the PC and mobile gaming industry is the current big target of malware authors and Minecraft is their favorite game to bait gamers.

New Survey Reveals Startling Details

Atlas VPN researchers created a list of the most-targeted games both for mobile and PC. Minecraft topped the chart on both platforms. According to the researcher, nearly 184,887 players were impacted on PC as they downloaded malware hidden inside a Minecraft file.

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Moreover, there were more than three million total detections of infected Minecraft files. Conversely, on mobile devices, Minecraft-related malware infected 44,335 devices while antivirus software detected 300,000 malware cases, reported Kaspersky Security Network.

It is understandable why malware developers are so keen on targeting Minecraft fans. The game is massively popular on both mobile and PC, for instance, as of 2021, Minecraft was home to over 131 million players.

Almost 303,827 Devices Affected

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