MoleRats APT Launches Spy Campaign on Bankers, Politicians, Journalists

State-sponsored cyberattackers are using Google Drive, Dropbox and other legitimate services to drop spyware on Middle-Eastern targets and exfiltrate data.

Malicious files doctored up to look like legitimate content related to the Israeli-Palestine conflict are being used to target prominent Palestinians, as well as activists and journalists in Turkey, with spyware.

That’s according to a disclosure from Zscaler, which attributes the cyberattacks to the MoleRats advanced persistent threat (APT). Zscaler’s research team was able to tie MoleRats, an Arabic-speaking group with a history of targeting Palestinian interests, to this campaign because of overlap in the .NET payload and command-and-control (C2) servers with previous MoleRats APT attacks.

This campaign started last July, Zscaler reported.

MoleRats used the Dropbox API for C2 communications in both this and previous campaigns, as well as Google Drive and other established cloud-hosting services to host the payloads, according to Zscaler.

“The targets in this campaign were chosen specifically by the threat actor and they included critical members of the banking sector in Palestine, people related to Palestinian political parties, as well as human rights activists and journalists in Turkey,” Zscaler’s analysts found.

The MoleRats

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