Potent Emotet Variant Spreads Via Stolen Email Credentials

The dangerous malware appears to be well and truly back in action, sporting new variants and security-dodging behaviors in a wave of recent phishing campaigns.

Emotet’s resurgence in April seems to be the signal of a full comeback for what was once dubbed “the most dangerous malware in the world,” with researchers spotting various new malicious phishing campaigns using hijacked emails to spread new variants of the malware.

The “new and improved” version of Emotet is exhibiting a “troubling” behavior of effectively collecting and using stolen credentials, “which are then being weaponized to further distribute the Emotet binaries,” Charles Everette from Deep Instinct revealed in a blog post this week.

“[Emotet] still utilizes many of the same attack vectors it has exploited in the past,” he wrote. “The issue is that these attacks are getting more sophisticated and are bypassing today’s standard security tools for detecting and filtering out these types of attacks.”

In April, Emotet malware attacks returned after a 10-month “spring break” with targeted phishing attacks linked to the threat actor known as TA542, which since 2014 has leveraged the Emotet malware with great success, according to a report by Proofpoint.

These attacks—which were

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