Protecting Your Data from Cybercriminals by Following Simple Yet Vital Steps

If you are online, protecting yourself from cybercrime should be your priority to avoid being a victim of online scams or cyberattacks. It is a matter of time before cybercriminals come for your data and the best thing one can do is learn about cybersecurity, and how cybercriminals think and perform cybercrime.

While protecting your data is a must, the issue of misconfigured databases has become a major threat to users’ data and personal information. In 2020, researchers identified over 10,000 unsecured databases that exposed more than ten billion (10,463,315,645) records to public access without any security authentication. This is why database forensics is vital.

7 Ways to save yourself against cybercrime

To protect yourself on the Internet you do not need to have a lot of computer knowledge; Just follow a few simple rules. This way you can protect yourself from the most frequent cybercrimes. 

#1. Check the Padlock and don’t reveal the passwords

Phishing is the best-known form of an online scam. Through an email, criminals impersonate a bank or a service such as Amazon or PayPal. These emails include a link that they ask to click that redirects the user to a fake website that, in appearance, is similar

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