Ransomware Attacks Are Evolving. Your Security Strategy Should, Too

Defending against ransomware will take a move to zero-trust, argues Daniel Spicer, CSO, Ivanti.

Ransomware is an intensifying problem for all organizations, and it’s only going to get worse. What started as a floppy disk-based attack with a $189 ransom demands has grown from a minor inconvenience for organizations into a multi-billion dollar cybercrime industry.

The organizational threat of these types of attacks goes well beyond encryption of sensitive or mission-critical data – for many companies, the thought of a breach and data becoming publicly available on the internet makes a high ransom seem worth it. No wonder ransomware is on the rise: Organizations pay an average of $220,298 and suffer 23 days of downtime following an attack.

So, let’s dig deeper into what’s raised the stakes for these attacks, and how organizations can work to prevent them.

Ransomware Costs More Than Just Your Data Access

The uptick in ransomware attacks reflects what organizations have to lose, and as mentioned, it’s not just access to their mission-critical data.

For instance, think about the fact that companies that are victims of ransomware attacks can suffer days or weeks of downtime that not only render them incapable of conducting

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