Russia Lays Groundwork for Cyberattacks on US Infrastructure – White House

“Evolving intelligence” shows Russia amping up for cyber-war in response to Ukraine-related sanctions, the White House said — but researchers warn that many orgs are not prepared.

The Russian government is exploring “options for potential cyberattacks” on critical infrastructure in the U.S., the White House warned on Monday, in retaliation for sanctions and other punishments as the war in Ukraine grinds on.

Officials said that its latest intelligence shows cyber-related “preparatory activity” on the part of President Vladimir Putin’s government, though White House deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology Anne Neuberger emphasized that no concrete threat has been identified.

“To be clear, there is no certainty there will be a cyber-incident on critical infrastructure,” she told reporters during a briefing. She added, “There is no evidence of any specific cyberattack that we are anticipating. There is some preparatory activity that we’re seeing and that is what we shared in a classified context with companies who we thought might be affected.”

That observed prep work includes vulnerability scanning and website probing, she added, declining to add any specifics. She noted that officials were holding more detailed classified briefings with organizations they

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