Russia Leaks Data From a Thousand Cuts–Podcast

It’s not just Ukraine: There’s a flood of intel on Russian military, nukes and crooks, says dark-web intel expert Vinny Troia, even with the Conti ransomware gang shuttering its leaking Jabber chat server.

Information about nuclear plants and air force capabilities. Conti ransomware gang crooks conjecturing that the National Security Agency (NSA) was maybe behind the mysterious, months-long TrickBot lull. Doxxed data about 120K Russian soldiers.

Those are just some of the sensitive, valuable data that’s being hacked out of Russia in the cyber war zone – a war that erupted even before the country invaded Ukraine.

“Everyone is so focused on Russia hacking the world, but the world has been hacking Russia…. And dumping a lot of critical data on military, nuclear plants, etc.,” said Vinny Troia, cybersecurity Ph.D. and founder of ShadowByte, a dark web threat intelligence and cyber fraud investigations firm.

He’s one of an untold number of experts on dark-web threat intelligence who’ve been pouring over the intel that’s been flooding out of practically every nook and cranny of the internet: data that’s being posted on Twitter, Telegram and within the multiple dumps of insider knowledge about the Conti ransomware gang

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