Staff Think Conti Group Is a Legit Employer – Podcast

The ransomware group’s benefits – bonuses, employee of the month, performance reviews & top-notch training – might be better than yours, says BreachQuest’s Marco Figueroa.

Thanks to gray-hat Ukrainian hacker ContiLeaks, the Conti ransomware gang spilled its guts in late February. Since then, researchers have been poring over the group’s secrets, including a massive trove of chat logs and other doxxed data, including source code for Conti ransomware, TrickBot malware, a decryptor and the gang’s administrative panels.

ContiLeaks published these internal documents after the ransomware group’s leaders posted an aggressively pro-Russian message on their official site in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, BreachQuest published the findings of its week-long deep dive into the data. In essence, BreachQuest found that Conti Group operates like a legitimate, above-board high-tech company that hires and even fires contractors and salaried employees alike.

The dump enabled researchers to sketch out a chart showing key figureheads and the roles they play to grow Conti’s enterprise, plus details on:

Earnings and costs; How they recruit; Who are the leaders; Who they target: small as well as big targets; How they target and escalate attacks and how they

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